For a bright future

Asia remains to be a lucrative market for global retail brands and even with the global economic
slowdown, there is still a significant volume of growth forecasted through 2019.

Xportlink takes advantage of these emerging markets and aggressively builds business
opportunities by offering global brands to the Asia Pacific Region.

We provide a wide variety of products that are recognized for their quality and offer a dependable
supply while maintaining our cost-effectiveness to ensure that we meet the expectations of our consumers.

Our company has been successful in pursuing the Japanese market, especially in fulfilling the
demand growth for Luxury Brands as well as Private Labels for the Fashion/Apparel Market
The retail sector in the Asia Pacific Region is now being driven by the aggressive
expansion of international retail brands in the market, particularly for Western high-end products.

We develop a strong and stable partnership with our suppliers from different parts of the world
and support their business growth by continuously offering their products to our exclusive circle of potential buyers.

We also maintain a profitable partnership with our circle of buyers and drive their business growth
by regularly sourcing out new brands in order to meet the rising demand for lifestyle and household
products with urgent requirements for signature-branded bags and luggage and other categories
for various luxury brand labels.

With Xportlink, we can assist you in understanding the demands of the local market and match
the business expansion opportunities by building your products through local marketing and
developing a business strategy that would help you secure a sound and profitable business growth.

Our long-term business partnership with notable institutions throughout the world has been built
on the trust and confidence that our professional expertise is proven by our strong commitment to
continuous improvement and innovation in the area of sourcing, procurement, marketing and
distribution within the Asia Pacific region.

Xportlink provides Market Expansion Services for Western high-end and lifestyle watches,
fashion apparel, signature handbags, luggage and household luxury goods and other various categoried across Asia.

Xportlink is responding to the increased demand by Japanese consumers to expand within Asia
and to meet the definite needs and requirements in Japan.

We are the trusted company whose procedural exoertise and commitment to innovation
is recognized by our business partners.


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